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Due to the unanticipated closure of Peachtree Center Avenue from 9:30 AM-3:30 PM, Route 416 will not be able to service the Xpress bus stop located at Peachtree Center Avenue and Peachtree Street. Passengers are encouraged to catch the bus at Peachtree Center Avenue and Andrew Young International Boulevard or Peachtree Street at Linden Avenue. This closure will only affect the first trip at 3:15 PM. Please be advised that Peachtree Center Avenue may be heavily congested until the opening at 3pm and could cause early afternoon trips to be delayed. We appreciate your patience with this temporary change to our normal schedule.

MARTA is making a change to improve the quality of the Breeze card. The blue Breeze card is being phased out and will be replaced with a more secure silver card. Beginning on March 31, no new products or stored cash value for your Xpress fare can be loaded onto a blue Breeze card. They will no longer be accepted as of July 9.

Xpress customers can still pay their fare using the new and improved silver Breeze cards. Xpress accepts Breeze cards on all of our routes. Using the brand new Breeze card will remain the easiest and most efficient way to pay your fare for metro Atlanta’s major transit agencies.

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Xpress Customer Service Line: 844-977-7742
CobbLinc Customer Service Line: 770-427-4444
GCT Customer Service Line: 770.822.5010

Lost Items Inquiry

Xpress will make every attempt to return a lost item to our customers if found. Please provide a detailed description of your lost item in the description area, such as color, size, brand or any other detail that will help us in returning your lost item to you. If you have lost fare media (operator verification required) please provide detailed information in the description area. Is it a 31 Day or 10 Ride green or blue zone pass? Please indicate the last date and time the pass was used or activated. Xpress is not responsible for the condition of your lost item when retrieved. Items that are turned into the lost and found will be kept in our office for up to 21 days.

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Please be as detailed as possible in the description of your inquiry and please provide the cell number if phone was lost.

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Fares for Xpress routes are set by distance traveled and, in some cases, by route operator. Each route’s specific fare can be found on the route page along with links to purchase the proper passes.
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