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ROUTE 442 - Riverdale to Downtown Atlanta

Xpress Green Zone Fare

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Service Description

Route 442 operates Monday-Friday from Riverdale Station, located at 6842 Lamar Hutcheson Prkwy., Riverdale, GA 30274 , to Downtown Atlanta. The route provides six trips in the morning and six trips in the afternoon. In addition, there are three "reverse commute" trips (travelling in the opposite direction) in the morning and three in the afternoon. The route provides convenient access to federal, state and local government offices; Georgia State University, major downtown hotels, and major employers at Georgia-Pacific, the 101 Peachtree Bldg., SunTrust Plaza, and the Five Points MARTA Station.


GRTA Green Zone fares are applicable for this trip .

Route Information

Route 442 Timetable (pdf document)

Route 442 Reverse Commute Timetable (pdf document)

Riverdale Vicinity Map (png image)

Downtown Atlanta Routing Map (png image)




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