Who We Are

Xpress, operated by the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA), gives commuters throughout the metro Atlanta region a valuable transportation option and also improves the capacity of Georgia’s most congested highways. Our 27 routes in 12 metro Atlanta counties carry more than 1.8 million passenger trips annually, providing workers with reliable, stress-free commutes to and from major employment centers in Downtown, Midtown, and Perimeter Center.

Why We Do What We Do
We want to make our interstates safer, cheaper, and more efficient. We want to save lives, gas, and time. We want to help our riders be more productive in their jobs, lower their stress, and increase their quality of life. We want to make our region more attractive to employers. We want to provide an extraordinary return on investment to the taxpayers who support our service.


Xpress annually removes 55 million miles of congestion from the region’s interstates.


What We Can Do for You
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