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10 Things to Do Every Day to Exercise Your Brain

Xpress commuters ride in a very stress-free environment. Our riders love to take naps, read books, and check emails.  Here are some tips while riding Xpress and throughout your work day to exercise your brain.
1)    Drink 2 glasses of water within 30 minutes of waking up.
Hydrating after 6-9 hours of sleep is necessary to kick-starting your day.
2)    Read a book summary during breakfast.
Stimulate your mind by reading some of best-selling book summaries; they are far more suitable for a quick breakfast read.
3)    Drink Green Tea while working.
Coffee can induce anxiety; high-quality green teas cause a relaxed focus without inducing sleepiness.
4)    Limit your sugar during the day.
Sugar highs and lows are not good to keep the brain functioning smartly.
5)    Do simple exercises during the day.
Physical fitness helps the brain function; our mind and body are strongly connected.
6)    Read a book instead of watching TV.
Reading a book is an active exercise for the brain.
7)    Spend time with someone smarter than you.
Habits are socially contagious.
8)    Carry a note pad to jot down your thoughts.
Having a little pad on you and writing down interesting things can greatly help you train your curiosity and logical thinking.
9)    Take naps during the day.
Napping helps your mind refresh.
10)    Take 10 minutes at the end of the day to plan tomorrow.
You allow yourself to work much more productively.
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Morning Commute Play List: Engineered to Wake You Up

There’s no sugar-coating waking up, it’s tough. We understand this, and the Xpress staff has compiled a list of songs that get us up and going for our morning commutes. As you’re getting dressed, eating breakfast, riding to your Park & Ride, sit back and listen to some great American music!!! What are your favorite morning tunes?

Morning Commute Now:

Morning Commute Oldies:

It’s Baseball Season

The Atlanta Brave’s season has begun. We want to keep all our riders informed on any games that start 12:00pm-1:00pm, may cause increased traffic volume to your afternoon commute. Although, we will make every effort to adhere to regularly scheduled times, and no Xpress stops are expected to be impacted by these events, please anticipate potential delays.

Early Game Days

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Monday, May 30, 2016
Thursday, June 2, 2016
Thursday, June 16, 2016
Thursday, September 1, 2016

Please check for continued updates to any impacts to your commute.

Xpress WiFi & Find My Bus App are Coming Soon!

You asked for more and we’re making it happen!!! We are very excited to announce, we will be launching our find my bus app and FREE on-board WiFi in just weeks. Our new app will allow you to plan your trips, set reminders, receive notifications and much more. Don’t want to download the app, our website will allow you to view real-time travel information via desktop or laptop. Staying connected to your bus has never been easier. After testing WiFi on a few of our buses, we are rolling out our FREE on-board WiFi across the whole Xpress system on April 11, 2016. Now you can sit back and enjoy the ride while reading our Transit Talk blog, checking important emails or simply surfing the web. Be sure to stay update with Xpress by following us on twitter and subscribing to our email list.

Announcing Our New and Improved Website

Our new and improved website has launched! The new Xpress website is faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. As technology is constantly changing, it was necessary to create a new website that is aesthetically appealing in content and functionality. Improving our previous website we have integrated multiple features including answering fields for new customers to know exactly which route to take, route pages with correct fare information and photos of each park-and-ride. The Xpress blog is also linked to the site to stand as a communicating and connecting tool for our customers.

Step 1

Our goal is to provide our new and existing customers with a high level of customer service and convenience. Discover Your Commute on the homepage is for new riders to find the information they need to ride Xpress from which route should I take, how much is my fare and why our customers love Xpress. Existing Customers will find all their important rider information at the Tools for Your Commute on the homepage. See image below:

Step 2

The Tools for your Commute on the home page. We have provided a section to buy passes, view service alerts, maps, schedules, customer service, and our Transit Talk Blog. To view your route and schedule information click the drop down under Routes and Schedules to view:

Step 4

One stop shop for you to view your specific route information like park & ride information, buy passes, fare information, and schedules.


computer and ipad and phone

Our new site is compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

We would appreciate your feedback, click here for our customer survey.

Breeze 101

We accept Breeze! Using a Breeze card is the easiest way to pay your fare for metro Atlanta’s major transit agencies. It utilizes smart card technology to load, store and redeem numerous types of fare products as well as allowing transfers between transit systems. Xpress accepts Breeze cards on all of our routes, including those operated by GCT and CCT.

Breeze is recommended if:

  • You want a FREE transfer to or from MARTA.
  • You want your pass available quickly.
  • You only want to keep up with one card.

Breeze is NOT recommended if:

  • You obtain your pass through your employer.

Products Available
Customers can use Round-Trip, 10-Ride, and 31-Day passes for all Xpress operated routes. Customers may also use “stored cash value” to pay a one-way fare or to pay fare differences between zones.

How to Buy
Visit or any Breeze Vending Machine at the MARTA rail stations to obtain a card, purchase passes, and load “stored cash value.”

How to Transfer to and from MARTA
Customers who wish to transfer between Xpress and MARTA must use a Breeze card for their pass. When using a Breeze card to transfer between Xpress and MARTA, simply tap onto an Xpress coach or onto MARTA and a free transfer will automatically be loaded onto your Breeze card. You will then have 3 hours to transfer to the other transit system for free.

Expiration Dates
Products loaded onto Breeze cards never expire; however, only 4 different products may be loaded at one time.

Using more than one fare zone or pass product
If you have a Green Zone pass and are traveling on a route designated as Blue Zone, an additional $1 (referred to as an “upcharge”) is required to board the coach. The $1 charge can be automatically deducted from your card, provided you have “stored cash value” on your Breeze card.

A Blue Zone pass is valid on all Blue and Green Zone routes for the convenience of customers who regularly use more than one route. Please note: If you use a Blue Zone pass on a Green Zone route, you will be charged at the more expensive Blue Zone rate. We strongly recommend that customers who regularly ride both Green and Blue Zone routes buy Green Zone passes on Breeze and pay any additional upcharges using “stored cash value”. This is the most effective way to ensure customers are paying the proper fare.

All Sales Final

All pass sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are available. GRTA will not replace lost or stolen Breeze cards or products. Visit the Breeze website to learn more about how you can receive free balance protection.