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Presenting A Shared Value

At GRTA, we often hear how Xpress has improved the quality of life for our passengers, but we know that the impact of our service reaches well beyond the loyal customers who let us do the driving for them. A Shared Value highlights how Xpress helps all of the riders, employers, and taxpayers who live, work, and travel within Georgia’s most populous region. Supporting Xpress means supporting reduced traffic congestion for everyone as well as for helping companies to recruit and maintain top talent and move goods more easily throughout the region.

Check out our newest video, A Shared Value, to learn more about how Xpress is moving Georgia forward:

New regional trip planner is ready to use!

This month, we are proud to unveil a new website designed to make it easier for riders to navigate the various transit offerings in metro Atlanta: is a joint project of the four major transit operators in metro Atlanta–GRTA, MARTA, CCT and GCT–who have been working together, in collaboration with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), since January 2014 to develop a unified regional transit website.  

The goal of is to provide users of transit in metro Atlanta a way to plan and pay for transit trips that involve riding on one or more of the region’s transit systems. The most prominent feature of is a regional trip planner, which allows a traveler to enter an origin and a destination anywhere in metro Atlanta and get a personalized plan for making that trip on transit, including trips that involve using more than one operator. 

This pilot project is a first step, designed to allow us and our transit partners to gather feedback from the public about what information and resources are most useful to current and potential riders. We’re excited to offer this tool, and hope it can become a valuable first step in making commuters’ trip planning easier and more efficient. 


ATLtransit Website Screenshot


Check it out and tell us what you think!

5 tips on how to host a great transportation fair

Hosting a transportation fair is a great way to introduce your employees to their commute options but planning one can be intimidating.  Luckily, the Atlanta area Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) are eager to help and are seasoned at coordinating of very effective events. Not sure who to contact? Here are the local TMA for metro-Atlanta employers. Still not sure? Email Lauren Travis to get you started in the right direction.

While planning your transportation fair, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help make sure your event is a success.

1. Plan ahead

Take a look at your yearly calendar and select a few dates that might coincide with other events in the office.  Have food trucks the first Wednesday of every month? Perfect. Put the vendors around the food truck. Have a mandatory monthly staff meeting? Even better. Schedule the fair in an adjacent conference room and encourage everyone to stop by after the meeting.

Also be sure to check your local school calendar. Employee attendance is lower during school holidays and teacher workdays so do your best to avoid those dates.


2. Invite lots of vendors

Work with your local TMA to identify vendors that would be of interest to your employees. In addition to the region’s transit providers (Xpress, GCT, CCT, and MARTA), tables hosted by local restaurants, boutiques, and non-profits also tend to draw employees out of their offices and to the fair.

transportation fair

3. Have your company represented  

Don’t leave the presentations to your vendors–join them! Have a table for your company representatives to talk about the benefits that you provide your employees. This can be a great chance to discuss how to sign up for subsidized transit passes or other important topics like your teleworking policy, healthcare open enrollment, or even joining your credit union.


4. Get creative

Look for incentives for your employees to attend and be an active participant in the transportation fair. Something as simple as providing a reusable shopping bag for employees to hold all of the paper and products they will collect at the fair is very appreciated by staff and shows them that their attendance is important to your company.

At one recent transportation fair, an employer provided each employee with a note card that listed all of the vendors. If the employee got his card hole punched by half of the vendors, they were entered into a raffle for a $25 gift card but if they went to all vendors, they were also provided a breakfast in the neighboring room. Attendance at this fair was high, most employees visited every table and the card served as a great ice breaker for employees who would typically avoid an unfamiliar product.


5. Promote, Promote, Promote

An event can only be successful if your employees know about it so don’t miss an opportunity to inform them of the transportation fair. This can be done with signage around the office or on tables in the break room. Mention the fair at staff meetings, send out a calendar invitation, and place event information in the company newsletter. During the fair, walk around the office to remind those at their desk to stretch their legs and visit the variety of vendors that are in attendance.


Have you recently attended or hosted a transportation fair? What worked and what could have gone better? Any lessons learned?


Introducing Direct Xpress… Upgrading Your Commute

We are continuously seeking to improve your Xpress commute. To that end, we’re undertaking a year-long, comprehensive analysis of our operations, the first of its kind for Xpress service.

Direct Xpress is your opportunity to tell us what you like about our current Xpress service, and what you’d like to see in the future.

Beginning on April 14 and continuing for two weeks, data surveyors will be onboard the coaches asking you to participate in surveys during your Xpress commute. They’ll be wearing badges that look like this:


direct xpress data surveyor badge

We hope you’ll take the time to provide your feedback, so that future Xpress service reflects your commute needs.

Read more about the new, 18-month-long analysis and what we hope Direct Xpress will achieve for your commute by visiting


Around Town: Coca-Cola

Last week, Xpress had the opportunity to attend a transportation fair at Coca-Cola’s Atlanta Office Complex (AOC) off of North Avenue. We were able to meet with many Coca-Cola employees and contractors that live outside I-285 but have never taken Xpress. Many of these employee were excited to learn that despite where they lived, an Xpress park-and-ride lot was convenient to their homes and commutes.

As an added benefit for Coca-Cola employees, Coca-Cola recently started a shuttle service that connects the Civic Center MARTA station to the AOC, the World of Coca-Cola Museum, and Coca-Cola’s newest downtown office space in the SunTrust Plaza Gardens Offices. The addition of this new employee shuttle, employees that travel from all around the metro Atlanta region are able to seamlessly ride Xpress into Atlanta and travel to any of Coca-Cola’s facilities.

Trips on the Coca-Cola employee shuttle run every 10 minutes, Monday-Friday, from 6:30am to 7:00pm.

Thank you to Coca-Cola and Central Atlanta Progress for hosting, organizing, and including Xpress in such a  terrific event!


Would you like to have an Xpress representative come to your office? Leave a comment below or contact Lauren Travis to discuss the type of event that would be a good fit for your company.


Routes 101

Do you have a complicated commute? Xpress might be the solution. Our bus routes are primarily designed to serve suburban commuters traveling to Downtown and Midtown Atlanta during traditional weekday commuting rush hours, but our services are flexible enough accommodate additional commute needs as well. Additional Xpress offerings include:

  • Reverse commutes, which offer service from Atlanta to the suburbs.
  • Service to other major employment hubs in Atlanta, including Buckhead and Perimeter Center.
  • A range of departure and arrival times, enabling you to take advantage of alternative work schedules.
  • Connections to MARTA rail and buses.


Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Route

1.  Open this interactive pdf map. It’ll show you the whole Xpress system across the metro Atlanta area.

2.  Click on the park-and-ride lot closest to your home. Are you looking for a reverse commute? Click on the park-and-ride lot closest to your destination. Are you hoping to board somewhere other than a park-and-ride lot? Go ahead and choose a nearby park-and-ride lot from the map–you’ll be able to see all your options.

3.  A box will pop out showing you any available routes. When you click on one, it’ll take you to the route’s information page on

4.  The route information pages give all the route-specific information you’ll need to plan your trip: which fare zone the route is in, the park-and-ride lot’s address, and pdf timetables and maps–including a Reverse Commute Timetable if reverse commutes are available on that specific route. The Service Description section also describes available MARTA connections.

5.  Click on the route’s pdf timetable. It’ll show you the route’s boarding and destination locations, as well as departure and arrival times.How to Read Route Pages Image

Click on the image above for a larger version.

Still need help? Post your commute route questions below & we’ll help you out!