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Can-A-Thon Route Challenge

 Xpress riders are getting a good reputation in the annual 11 Alive/Salvation Army Holiday Can-A-Thon. Why it’s a good one: Year after year, Xpress riders donate tons of food. Literally. We want our seventh year of participation to break records, and we hope you’ll find a couple of cans to donate to help feed the hungry in our region.

Want to see which route won the 2013 challenge? Congratulate them here.

This year, we’re seeing who can give the most: Which Xpress route can donate the most cans of food during this year’s Can-A-Thon? Does your route have the most generous riders?

Show your support for our local food banks and for your route by donating canned food items during this year’s challenge week, December 2-5, and the morning of December 6.

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Changes are Coming!

On September 6, 2016, system-wide service changes for Xpress will go into effect. Please take the time to view your NEW route and schedule information, which is available now on our website. These system-wide changes will bring expanded service, dependable trips, convenience, fare adjustments, and new technology to enhance our rider experience. We are excited to announce our service changes outreach events are starting this month!

Xpress will host events throughout the summer at each park-and-ride as well as key stops and employment centers to answer questions and explain everything you need to know about transitioning to the new service. Events start this month, so be sure to check out our events schedule to see when we’ll be near you.

Plan to join us when we stop by your park-and-ride and pick up valuable coupons to your neighborhood Dairy Queen®, Fan Food, not Fast Food™.

Thanks for riding with Xpress!