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Take a look inside the Xpress buses…

Many people are not aware of the comfort of riding with Xpress. We have 57 cushioned seats on each bus with extra overhead compartment space. The seats recline and have an adjustable armrest for your relaxation. With the summer time heat, you can expect a cool air-conditioned environment with FREE onboard Wi-Fi. Check out pictures of our buses below:

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15 Side Jobs to Make Money

Saving money is important. Xpress riders know the importance of saving money and save an average of $1900 each year by commuting with us. We have come up with a few ideas to make and save some extra money this summer.
1. Start a blog
2. Tutor
3. Baby-sitter/ House-sitter/ Dog-sitter
4. Sell unwanted things on Amazon or Ebay
5. Make homemade items on Etsy
6. Rent a table at a flea market to sell things
7. Referee or umpire for a local sports league
8. Test websites
9. Personal Trainor
10. Graphic Designer
11. Website Designer
12. Run errands for neighbors
13. Garage Sale
14. Selling Artwork
15. Create a Youtube channel

GDOT Commissioner warns of Summer Road Construction

In order to improve transportation here in Georgia there has to be improvements made to the current highway system. This summer GDOT is ramping up the construction. DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry states “our road conditions and roadway conditions have degraded to conditions that we’re not proud of.” The current projects underway or coming soon to improve the traffic and congestion are:
I-75/I-85: Crews will be repaving the Downtown Connector in Fulton County.
I-575/I-75: Expect construction to continue in Cobb and Cherokee Counties for the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes.
I-75: South of the city, in Henry and Clayton Counties, the Express Lane project there is more than half way complete.
I-285: There will be road work in several sections around The Perimeter in Cobb, Fulton and DeKalb Counties.
I-20: The Westside of I-20, in Douglas and Cobb Counties, will get some desperately needed repaving to repair the hundreds of potholes made worse by the wear and tear of tractor trailers.
I-85: Later this year Gwinnett County will see new HOT lanes, stretching from Old Peachtree Road, where they end now all the way up to Hamilton Mill Road in Buford.
GA-400: The widening has already begun between McFarland Parkway and SR-369 in Forsyth County.
Xpress has service in all of these corridors listed. Our 33 routes in 12 metro Atlanta counties carry more than two million passenger trips annually, providing workers with reliable, stress-free commutes to and from major employment centers in Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead and Perimeter Center. It’s time to discover your new commute with Xpress. For more details read more. Be sure to ride Xpress to work this summer!

Lets Talk Transportation

We had a great chat with Commissioner McMurry of the Georgia Department of Transportation and Executive Director Christopher Tomlinson of GRTA and SRTA on Monday, May 16, 2016! Watch the two Atlanta leaders of transportation discuss what’s to come for transportation here in Georgia.

What’s your favorite cup of joe?

Coffee is a hug in a mug. It is an essential part to many of our days. We can’t deprive our riders of enjoying the sweet goodness of coffee on their commute, we just ask our riders to use cup/mug with a lid.
There are countless varieties of flavors and ways to make coffee so special. Tell us what your favorite coffee shop/coffee brand is and what kind of blend you love?

10 Things to Do Every Day to Exercise Your Brain

Xpress commuters ride in a very stress-free environment. Our riders love to take naps, read books, and check emails.  Here are some tips while riding Xpress and throughout your work day to exercise your brain.
1)    Drink 2 glasses of water within 30 minutes of waking up.
Hydrating after 6-9 hours of sleep is necessary to kick-starting your day.
2)    Read a book summary during breakfast.
Stimulate your mind by reading some of best-selling book summaries; they are far more suitable for a quick breakfast read.
3)    Drink Green Tea while working.
Coffee can induce anxiety; high-quality green teas cause a relaxed focus without inducing sleepiness.
4)    Limit your sugar during the day.
Sugar highs and lows are not good to keep the brain functioning smartly.
5)    Do simple exercises during the day.
Physical fitness helps the brain function; our mind and body are strongly connected.
6)    Read a book instead of watching TV.
Reading a book is an active exercise for the brain.
7)    Spend time with someone smarter than you.
Habits are socially contagious.
8)    Carry a note pad to jot down your thoughts.
Having a little pad on you and writing down interesting things can greatly help you train your curiosity and logical thinking.
9)    Take naps during the day.
Napping helps your mind refresh.
10)    Take 10 minutes at the end of the day to plan tomorrow.
You allow yourself to work much more productively.
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