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Take Winter by Storm: Winter Emergency Checklist

With Georgia’s up and down weather, we encourage everyone to get prepared for a storm before it hits. Winter transportation can mean dealing with ice, snow, and very hazardous roads. Xpress wants to inform all of our customers of great safety items to have in case of a winter emergency.

• Cell phone, portable charger and bchecklist-41335_960_720atteries.
• Radio that is battery-powered.
• Blankets, sleeping bags, winter coats
• Portable space heaters
• Flashlights or lanterns
• Bottled water
• Canned food
• First-aid Kit
• Thermal Heat packs
• Firewood

Remember to check with Xpress before your commute during winter weather for any service alerts. Sign up for our emails here. For additional information regarding emergency weather feel free to check out the Center of Disease Control and Prevention Winter Weather Checklist.

Upgrading Your Commute 2016

The GRTA Board of Directors voted on Wednesday, August 12 to adopt the Direct Xpress Service Plan as a framework for transforming the Xpress commuter coach service over the next decade and beyond. GRTA will now move towards implementing Horizon 1, with changes anticipated to go into effect in spring of 2016. After two years of extensive analysis exploring existing and potential service (read more about the Direct Xpress project here), we’re confident that the approved service will create an Xpress that is better suited to meet the needs of metro Atlanta’s commuters. That means an Xpress that gives you more:



The best way to stay up to date is by visiting, which is a new site that will serve as a centralized location for information about upcoming Xpress service changes, including comprehensive information about each route’s anticipated changes.

More reliable. We want to be a service that you can rely on to get you to home or work on time. We’re streamlining our routing to avoid bottlenecks, tight turns and congested intersections; all of which will help us stick more closely to our schedules.

More flexible. We want to be there when you need us. We’re expanding our service hours, cutting wait times and increasing the number of trips so that you can commute when you are ready.

More intuitive. Traffic is stressful. Figuring out your commute shouldn’t be. We’re simplifying our routes and route numbering so there is less to remember. No more wondering if the bus you’re on continues to Midtown or stops at Civic Center. No more wondering if the trip you would like to take will show up since it is Friday. We are running the same, simplified service every day, every trip, for every route.

More service. Atlanta is growing and so are we. As mentioned in this August 12 article in the AJC, we’re adding three new routes into Perimeter Center and we aren’t stopping there. In the coming years, we will be adding additional service around the region. That means more trips, in more times and even expanding or building new park-and-rides. We will be tying these new park-and-rides into Georgia’s new Express Lanes systems so that we can get you on your way even faster than we are able to today. One of our most exciting upcoming opportunities is exploring ways to provide service to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

We are extremely excited to move forward with finalizing Horizon 1 changes and beginning the extensive work required for their implementation. Over the next several months, we will be working to determine specific trip times, exact stop locations, and details about fares that will require additional examination and public input before they are finalized. In coordination with our partners, we’ll also be working to mitigate concerns that our current customers have raised with some aspects of the service changes.

Connect Cobb Open House, June 29

This past April, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) approved the Environmental Assessment for Connect Cobb, a project intended to develop a transit solution for the mobility needs in the Northwest Atlanta Corridor. The project proposes the addition of Arterial Rapid Transit (ART) along U.S. 41/Cobb Parkway, including fourteen ART stations in Cobb County. The Environmental Assessment process includes a detailed evaluation of the benefits and impacts of the proposed improvements to the natural, built and social environments, ridership and travel time forecasts, and probable construction costs.

The public is invited to attend an open house this Monday, June 29 for the opportunity to review the Environmental Assessment and other documents, speak with project staff, and provide input on the project.

Cobb County Department of Transportation
1890 County Services Parkway
Marietta, GA 30008

Monday, June 29

Public input is also invited via written statements, which will be accepted until July 14. More information about the open house, public input opportunities, and the Connect Cobb project is available on the Cobb County website.

Preview of service changes

When we began Direct Xpress, our goal was, put simply, to identify ways to make Xpress service better for more people. We want our service to be easier for riders to understand, for our buses to be more reliably on time and to arrive at times most convenient for our commuters, and to go to the destinations with the greatest value to our region’s commuters and employers. And as a taxpayer-funded state agency, it is our responsibility to meet these aspirations while providing the greatest economic efficiency and value to our taxpayers.

How do we make Xpress service more valuable for more people?

The answer has been 18 months in the making. We are excited to present some highlights of the first set of service changes proposed by Direct Xpress and pending approval by the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors. These Horizon 1 changes (read more about the Direct Xpress comprehensive analysis, including information about Horizon 2 and 3 plans, which are still under consideration) will impact every Xpress route. We anticipate implementing these changes in early 2016, and they are expected to be budget-neutral—in other words, they will not significantly increase or decrease the amount required to operate Xpress service.

We believe these service changes offer the best opportunity to meet our goals of making Xpress service more reliable, more efficient, and more accessible to a greater number of commuters across the region.

The proposed changes are still a long way off from implementation, and we intend to keep our riders updated each step of the way. Once the Horizon 1 service changes are finalized, we will send out route-specific information that will be more comprehensive and easier to understand than the technical documents publicly available here. Meanwhile, ensure you remain up-to-date by subscribing to our email list.


Horizon 1 Service Changes: Highlights
Anticipated implementation: Spring 2016

Lady looking on public transport map panel.

Improved access to major employment areas

  • 18 park-and-rides will have greater numbers of trips, increasing access to Downtown and Midtown
  • 3 park-and-rides without previous Midtown access will have new service
  • 11 park-and-rides will have new, earlier, and/or later service to Downtown
  • 17 park-and-rides will have new, earlier, and/or later service to Midtown
  • 3 new routes will be added, traveling to Perimeter Center from Cobb County, Gwinnett County, and Forsyth County, providing a major increase in the availability of commuter transit service to one of the top employment destinations in metro Atlanta

More efficient, reliable, and easier-to-understand service

  • To make it easier for customers to know where to get on or off our buses, and to help keep buses running on time reliably, all routes will have a consistent, streamlined stop pattern through Downtown and Midtown
  • 15 park-and-ride lots will have service every 15 minutes (or in some case, even more frequently) during the busiest commute times
  • Service will be reallocated from corridors with underutilized buses to corridors with stronger demand for additional service

“Find My Bus” app in the works

We are excited to announce that Xpress has begun working with Atlanta-based software company RouteMatch, the world’s leading provider of passenger transportation technologies, to outfit the Xpress fleet with bus tracking technology.

We anticipate big benefits for our customers, including:

  • Real-time bus location information, including anticipated arrival and departure times for your stop
  • “Find My Bus” mobile app and web portal
  • Text-based service alerts
  • Streamlined trip planning and transfers between transit providers

RouteMatch software will also provide plenty of benefits for our behind-the-scenes operations, including more efficient communication with our drivers, more robust security features on our coaches, and faster, more comprehensive awareness about traffic and service conditions for our dispatch and customer service representatives.

We’re just beginning our partnership with RouteMatch, and rolling out the new tracking system across Xpress service requires a great deal of coordinated effort, including installing updated equipment on our coaches, training our drivers and staff, and configuring the mobile app to best serve our riders’ needs. We are beginning the implementation process this summer, and hope to unveil it for our riders in early 2016.

Bus tracking isn’t the only new technology Xpress is thinking about. In addition to testing a toll credits pilot program this spring and adding new options for purchasing and storing Xpress passes on MARTA Breeze cards, we’re continuously looking for new technological tools to help improve Xpress. What kind of technologies do you hope we’ll explore next?

Earn Toll Credits for Taking Xpress!

Every single time you commute on an Xpress coach, you’re doing more than letting someone else do the driving: you’re helping relieve traffic congestion throughout the metro-Atlanta region. That’s a big deal–every year, we save the region more than $125 million in congestion-related costs.

We want to thank our customers for the important role they’re playing in moving Atlanta forward, and we also want to help you get more value from riding Xpress. We teamed up with the State Road and Tollway Authority and Gwinnett County Transit to create a new pilot program for our commuters who ride Xpress and/or GCT and also use I-85 Express Lanes. We hope this program will help reward commuters who take transit more frequently–so that on a day when they do have to drive themselves to work, it’s a little less painful on their time and wallets.

The Ride Transit – Earn Toll Credits Program allows I-85 Express Lane commuters the opportunity to earn toll credits when they take Xpress and GCT express. Program participants can earn a toll credit of $2 per trip, up to $10 per month (a maximum of $60 over the six-month period). This pilot program will be offered for the next six months, and your participation and feedback will help us assess what kind of long-term commute credits program could be most beneficial for our riders.

To participate in the program, you must have a Peach Pass tied to a personal toll account and an Xpress Pass or a MARTA Breeze Card.

Eligible Xpress routes:

  • 410 Sugarloaf Mills to Lindbergh MARTA Station
  • 411 Hamilton Mill/Mall of Georgia to Midtown
  • 412 Sugarloaf Mills to Midtown
  • 413 Hamilton Mill to Downtown Atlanta
  • 416 Dacula to Downtown Atlanta

Eligible Gwinnett County Transit routes:

  • GCT 101 I-985/SR 20 Park and Ride to Downtown Atlanta
  • GCT 102 I-85 Indian Trial Park and Ride to Downtown Atlanta
  • GCT 103 I-85/Sugarloaf Mills Park and Ride to downtown Atlanta (Zone 2)

To learn more about the how you can participate in the Ride Transit – Earn Toll Credits Program visit: