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Driver Appreciation Week Kick Off

Being a driver is hard work. Our drivers manage to keep their schedules, check fares, give directions, announce stops, and remember requests, safely maneuvers an extra-large vehicle through unpredictable traffic and much more. Our drivers make multitasking look as easy as second nature. Watch our one on one interview with Keith Burwell. Keith has been a driver at Xpress for almost 7 years and shares why he loves being a driver.

Xpress Driver Appreciation Video from GRTA on Vimeo.

We ask that you take this time to thank your bus driver on your morning or afternoon commute. Share your story: why you love your driver?

Bike Share Atlanta?


The City of Atlanta is excited to offer a bike share option for Atlanta Community. Atlanta joined more than 40 other cities that have chosen to execute this type of modern transportation plan. The move was supported by the findings of an Atlanta-Decatur Bike Share feasibility study which were presented to city and community leaders in January 2013. The report claimed that bike sharing would help the city to achieve several of its outstanding goals. Low operation costs, increased economic development and expanded mobility options are key qualities that made bike sharing attractive.atlanta-970645_640

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed believes Atlanta’s bike sharing program will be a model for the region. The city has partnered with Cyclehop and Social Bicycles, but will solely be responsible for reviewing and permitting all station locations. There are currently 100 available bikes in downtown Atlanta and the number will grow to 500 across the city by the end of the year.  The bikes are slated to be incorporated into the local and regional public transit system and will one day allow commuters to transfer seamlessly from buses and trains.

This project has the potential to further encourage Atlanta’s transition away from single person automobile commutes and offer dramatic personal benefits for the public such as improved health, increased geographic access and additional opportunities for recreation. Are you ready to share a bike?

MyXpress App Update

Xpress Riders, thank you for utilizing the myXpress app. We are currently at a grand 6,701 downloads for both Apple and Andriod. We are aware there have been a number of issues that are currently being resolved. A major issue, we are aware of is the blue tiles not matching the bus arrival. The app is currently misfiring the information for the tiles. As we are underway with resolving this issue, please use the actual real-time map as your guide. The map accurately represents where your bus is.

locate2(In the image to the left. The bus accurately represents how far your bus is from your current location. The tiles may say your bus is 5 min away when it’s actually arriving. Disregard the tiles and follow the map)






Another concern our riders have shared is knowing when there are major delays, closures, accidents, etc. We advise customers to subscribe to app notification. Well, you might want to know, what’s the difference between trip, route, and system-wide notifications?  A trip notification sends alerts when a trip you’ve selected is running late on the scheduled time you selected under the schedule button. The trip notification allows you to know when your bus is 10, 15, 20 minutes away from your trip time. A route notification is an alert with information pertaining to your route like construction at your park-and-ride or service changes. System-wide notifications inform customers of important news regarding Xpress, such as holiday schedules and major weather alerts.

Be sure to opt into notifications for your new route. Example: If you have currently opted into a route or trip for the 418 but your new bus route is 419. You will need to opt now into route 419 notification.

Attention GCT Riders: Important Fare Change Information

September 6th is right around the corner and it is transitioning time. As you may know ROUTES 408, 410, 412, 418 (will become 419) will change from GCT Zone fares to Xpress Blue Zone fare on September 6th (Stone Mountain service will remain on Xpress Green Zone).

As a courtesy to customers who wish to start using multi-ride passes at the beginning of the month, GRTA will also begin accepting Xpress pass products on September 1stCustomers may continue to use GCT passes until the 6th, but please be advised you must begin using Xpress passes on your Breeze card on September 1st in order to receive the free transfer to MARTA. When using a Breeze card to transfer between Xpress and MARTA, simply tap onto an Xpress coach or onto MARTA and a free transfer will automatically be loaded onto your Breeze card. You will then have 3 hours to transfer to the other transit system for free.

There will be no refunds or exchanges of GCT products, so customers should plan to use their GCT passes before September 6.

For additional fare information visit our fares page on our website. Thank you and we appreciate your patience during this transition period.

Centennial Olympic Park Outreach Event

Thank you to all of our riders who stopped by the Xpress tent for our Centennial Olympic Park Outreach yesterday. The Xpress Outreach Team had a great time meeting with our current customers as well as new potential riders to answer questions and explain everything they needed to know about transitioning to the new service on September 6. Thanks also to our partners, Georgia Commute Options, vRide and Enterprise, who joined us at Centennial Olympic Park to inform our riders of other exciting commute alternatives.

If you weren’t able to make it, check out the Xpress outreach schedule to see other upcoming events.  And if you have questions about the upcoming service changes, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Thanks for riding Xpress!

Woodstock, Canton, Douglas MMTC and West Douglas Park-and-Rides Outreach Events

We have kicked off our Xpress outreach events Tuesday and Thursday of last week at the Woodstock, Canton, Douglas MMTC and West Douglas park-and-rides. Riders met with Xpress staff to answer questions and explain everything they needed to know about transitioning to the new service. Georgia Commute Options  was also at our outreach events to inform our riders the many incentives of commuting with Xpress.

These system-wide changes will bring expanded service, dependable trips, convenience, fare adjustments, and new technology to enhance our rider experience. We want to thank all of our riders who stopped by the Xpress table.

View our outreach schedule to know when we will be stopping by your park-and-ride. Thanks for riding Xpress.