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78 Million Americans Plan to use Public Transportation this Summer

At Xpress, we love our riders and work to get them to and from work safely. We were excited to find out 78 million Americans plan to use public transportation this summer by a survey conducted by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). Even with record low gas prices this summer, Americans would rather ride public transit than drive their cars.

APTA’s annual Travel Like a Local summer survey shows that public transportation continues to be an integral part of vacation planning for city travelers.  Continuing the trend in recent years, millennial and young adults aged 18-44 are the most likely (67 percent) to use public transit during their vacation to a major U.S. city this summer.

Spread the word this summer about the convenience of riding Xpress to and from work.  Read more on APTA annual survey.

Atlanta Then & Now

Atlanta’s population is estimated at 450,000 and growing as of 2014. Ranked 6th economically in the nation Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Atlanta contributes an estimated $270 billion in the U.S. economy. The photo above is a view of Atlanta from the North Avenue bridge over the interstate. What are some of the memories you have of Atlanta’s growth throughout the years?

What’s in the bag? The Essentials Needed for the Busy Commuter

Whether it’s a backpack, laptop bag, handbag or grocery bag, you carry something to hold all of the essentials you need for commuting to and from work. Some of the most common things in bags are laptops, phones, flash drives, notebooks, writing implements, reading materials, snacks, lunch, coffee cups, and the list goes on. Riding Xpress allows you to do the things you love while enjoying the ride. Tell us what you can’t live without in your commuter bag?

Georgia’s Major Mobility Improvements

Georgia Department of Transportation has announced some major mobility improvement plans over the next 10 years to relieve some highway challenges. The changes reflect on Georgia’s most prevalent highways which are I-285, I-20, I-75, I-85, I-16/95, and more. These improvements will address traffic congestion and improve overall mobility across the state. GDOT has additional information on their website

This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Love for Xpress

Our commuters are the best commuters we could ever ask for. Here at Xpress, we understand it can come across over-sentimental but we don’t caValentines Day Post Photore; we really do love our riders. We would like to take the time to thank you for your continued support, suggestions, cheers and ridership, it makes us better at what we do. We know our Xpress riders love to save money and love to let our drivers take the wheel for their morning and afternoon commutes. They love our 33 routes in 12 metro Atlanta counties, carrying more than two million passenger trips annually and providing workers with reliable, stress-free commutes to and from major employment centers in Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead and Perimeter Center. Check out what our riders have to say:

“I enjoy using Xpress, it’s so convenient” Camala (Route 440)
“I love riding Xpress, I have not regretted riding at all. I have only driven my car 3 times in the last 4 years.”Joyce (Route 425/423)
“I really enjoy riding the bus. It saves me a lot of gas and stress” Tina (Route 440)

In the spirit of love, share why you love Xpress. #weloveXpress

Xpress Fare Pass Exchange (Effective January 16th through March 1st, 2016)

The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority’s customer service team will exchange Xpress magnetic fare passes with a December 31, 2015 expiration date that have not been activated on Xpress coaches from January 16th through March 1, 2016. These fare passes will be exchanged from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the office of the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) on the 4th floor of the Marquis I building at Peachtree Center (245 Peachtree Center Ave., Suite 400). GRTA staff will be available to answer questions regarding Xpress services.

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