Change Is Good!

September was a big month for Xpress.  We’ve been announcing and planning for a while, but service changes were finally implemented last month.  Change isn’t always fun, but it is necessary for Xpress as we attempt to improve our service and adapt to the needs of our riders.  As our riders become accustomed to the new modifications, we hope access to benefits like extra buses, expanded hours, simplified routes and a more streamlined fare collection method during afternoon commutes will help the process.

Inevitable hiccups have occurred since the changes were introduced, but we’ve tried to keep the transition as smooth as possible.  Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to each of the Xpress riders that have been patient with us.  As we all continue to adjust, here are a few ways that we found work best to familiarize our riders with the recent changes.


Visit us online

The site has a comprehensive listing of all the new schedules and routes along with service alerts.  Riders are encouraged to update themselves on travel information before their scheduled commute to remain one step ahead.

Sign up for the app

The latest version of the Xpress app is available to be downloaded in the app store.  Xpress riders can access an existing account or create a new one. Upon logging in, there are sign-up options for route and stop-specific alerts related to detour or delay notifications.  

Follow us on social media

Xpress regularly interacts with our riders on Twitter and Facebook. Riders can monitor the feeds for important updates and FAQs while in transit and are welcome to join in on the conversation!


By following these simple tips, our riders should be prepped and ready each morning before their commute. Can you think of anything we may have missed or have some transit tips of your own? Let us know so we can share them with the rest of our followers!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at for more information.
Thank you!