Courtesy Tips to Remember When Riding Transit

We want all of our Xpress riders to enjoy each commute with our service, so we need your help! Here are a few courtesy tips to remember while riding Xpress:

One Paid Fare = One Seat  

Please do not take up an available seat with your belongings. Items can be stored at your feet, in the overhead compartments or in your lap. If the driver makes this announcement during your trip, please comply with his or her request.

Lower Volume Levels

Not only should headphones be used when listening to music or watching videos, but please remember to keep the volume down to a low level. Headphones do not prevent all noise for those around you.

Limit or Eliminate Phone Calls

It is important to remember that taking phone calls can disturb the commuters around you. We want to encourage you to limit or eliminate your phone calls during your trip. If you do take a phone call, please keep your voice low.

Use Resealable Lids  

Please only drink out of containers with resealable lids to avoid any spills on the bus. Using these types of containers will help with ensuring the safety of our passengers as well as the cleanliness of our buses.

Be Mindful of ADA Passenger Seats

We would like to remind you that the first two seats on the Xpress buses are reserved for ADA passengers. If you need ADA assistance, please let the driver know before your trip. For more information, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at for more information.
Thank you!