May 3: National Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers work extremely hard to take care of our children, to teach them important skills and offer guidance when needed. On May 3, you have an opportunity to recognize the teachers in your children lives for National Teacher Appreciation Day. Here are 6 ways to show your appreciation:

1. Treat your teachers that may commute to Downtown Atlanta with a Xpress bus pass.
2. It’s spring time; you could always consider a potted plant from a nearby nursery.
3. Teachers have to be up early to make it to school, buy them a gift card or coffee beans from Starbucks.
4. Teachers have a tiring job, both emotionally and physically. Another great gift idea is a gift card to a local movie theater or even for a massage or pedicure.
5. Stop by your local farmer’s market and make a fruit or veggie basket.
6. Does your teacher have a pet? If so, then consider a gift from a local pet store.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at for more information.
Thank you!