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Money Saving Tips for Big City Living

Living in a big city, such as Atlanta, can be quite costly. It seems as if everything you do requires you to spend even more money. Not to mention, your living expenses are most likely high if you live within or near the downtown area. Despite having to dish out a few dollars here and there, there are ways for you to enjoy the city life without breaking the bank.

Take advantage of freebies. Atlanta and other major cities have a load of free opportunities that are available on a regular basis. The next time you want to have some fun, research some free events or activities that are near you. Whether it is a park, a museum or a small concert, there is always something to do that does not require any cash. You do not always have to pay to enjoy yourself.

Stay in the loop on deals. Couponing and knowing what deals are available will ensure that you get all the savings that you can. Sites, like Groupon and LivingSocial, are helpful when shopping, planning outings and so much more. Who wants to pay the full price for things anyway?

Get in the kitchen. We spend a significant amount of our money on the one thing we ALL love … food. Whether you meal prep or just commit to cooking meals more often, you will find that dining in saves a ton of money. A helpful hint for dining out: if your friends want to go out to eat, suggest doing breakfast or lunch. The menu prices are lower than dinner.

Cut back on treating yourself. After a long week of work or school, it is okay to want to treat yourself to a night out, a day of shopping, etc. Instead of treating yourself often, consider doing it once or twice a month. You can even switch your idea of “treating yourself” from spending money or yourself to spending quality time with yourself. For example, you can award your hard work with a relaxing night in and pamper yourself.

Live within your means. Residing in the city typically means that your rent and other bills will be high. Living lavish may not be the best idea if you are trying to hold on to your dollars. Look into more affordable living options and even consider getting a roommate to help with the costs. Thrifting is also an excellent way to find affordable furniture, appliances, cookware, clothes and many other necessary items.

Although, city living requires you to spend a lot more money than you would in a smaller town, saving money is possible and pretty simple to do. Utilize these tips and watch your bank account grow!

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