Ride Smart: Tips for Riding Public Transportation

Utilizing public transportation on a daily commute isn’t everyone’s idea of a stress-free experience. Most people associate this form of transportation with a commute that will be loud, frustrating and difficult. However, it is possible to enjoy your ride without wanting to pull your hair out!

We want to ensure that your riding experience is hassle-free with Xpress, so here are some helpful tips for riding public transportation.

Tip #1: Know the game plan. Do not begin your commute without familiarizing yourself with the route you plan to take and the time schedule. There is nothing worse than getting lost or being late to your destination. The MyXpress App is a great tool to help you plan your commute.

Tip #2: Pack for the ride. In Atlanta, a commute can be 15 minutes or even an hour. No matter how long it takes, be prepared. Pack things for entertainment, projects to work on, anything that will help your commute go by smoothly.

Tip #3: Prepare your payment of choice. With Xpress, you can pay via our fare box, or by using an Xpress pass or Breeze card. Whichever you’re planning to use, make sure to have it out before entering the bus to avoid having the hassle of searching for it at the bus door.

Tip #4: Build a relationship with your bus driver. Your driver is not just there to drive – they are also your guide. You can talk to your driver about any questions or concerns you may have, so do not hesitate to communicate with them.

Tip #5: Remember courtesy tactics. To ensure that everyone enjoys their ride with Xpress, we encourage our riders to be courteous of others. This can be done by keeping your music in your headphones on a respectable volume, refraining from loud talking, be mindful of personal space, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
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Thank you!