Take Winter by Storm: Winter Emergency Checklist

With Georgia’s up and down weather, we encourage everyone to get prepared for a storm before it hits. Winter transportation can mean dealing with ice, snow, and very hazardous roads. Xpress wants to inform all of our customers of great safety items to have in case of a winter emergency.

• Cell phone, portable charger and bchecklist-41335_960_720atteries.
• Radio that is battery-powered.
• Blankets, sleeping bags, winter coats
• Portable space heaters
• Flashlights or lanterns
• Bottled water
• Canned food
• First-aid Kit
• Thermal Heat packs
• Firewood

Remember to check with Xpress before your commute during winter weather for any service alerts. Sign up for our emails here. For additional information regarding emergency weather feel free to check out the Center of Disease Control and Prevention Winter Weather Checklist.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
socialmediaaccounts@srta.ga.gov for more information.
Thank you!