Yes, bring your bike!

Xpress riders tend to be a healthy bunch. We choose to do our part to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and make our own lives a little less stressful. So it makes sense that one of Xpress‘s most popular amenities is the all-important bike rack.

Most Xpress coaches have a bike rack in the front, and if you’ve never used a bus bike rack before, don’t be afraid! It’s easy, and you can just let the bus driver know you’re a newbie and they’ll happily show you how it all works. You’re responsible for loading the bike onto the coach, but the driver will walk you through the process.

And, if your coach doesn’t have a bike rack or if it’s full, the driver can open the undercarriage compartment. Your bike will be safely stowed either way.

While we do everything we can to ensure the safety of your bike while you ride with us, GRTA/Xpress is not responsible for damage to your bicycle.

Looking for a good lunchtime ride?Bicycle

A partnership with the City of Atlanta, the PATH Foundation, and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., is bringing Midtown a two-way separated bike-only lane or “cycle track” on 10th Street between Piedmont and Monroe Avenues. The cycle track construction is part of a $2.5 million investment in Atlanta bicycling projects and will help connect Midtown to the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail, creating six continuous miles of connected bike paths.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at for more information.
Thank you!